4 of the Best Influence Marketing Campaigns We’ve Ever Seen

4 of the Best Influence Marketing Campaigns We’ve Ever Seen

Want to know some of the best influence marketing agency campaigns in the advertising industry? These are just some of the best examples of influence marketing campaigns that found mainstream success over the years. Take a read through these great examples and see if your brand or business can take a few tips away from the best of the best.

    1. Nike: Just Do It

Picture the ‘Just Do It’ series. Nike is the original brand expert when it comes to rolling out awareness-grabbing ads. It doesn’t hurt, too, that they hire real athlete spokespeople, who talk about working hard, losing, and keeping the faith. There is nothing like hearing from an athletes who love the game more than anything. Nike plays off of athlete’s raw authenticity in marketing, which sets the Nike brand apart from their competition. In choosing the right talent, Nike’s influence marketing campaigns do far more than sell shoes to their audience.

They sell dreams.

    1. Apple: Think Different Campaign

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign has come a long way since its initial release in 1997. Their decision to feature personalities known for bucking the standard, those who refused to fit into any mold — the rebels and the dreamers — enabled Apple to come up with the ad that put them back on the map. This campaign was Steve Jobs’ first, after having left the Apple in 1995. Aside from the official release, there was a version of the ad voiced by Jobs. He hated that version, says Business Insider, thinking it would make him out to be an egomaniac. However, given Job’s unique brand of marketing genius, it’s easy to surmise that the rendition was a sound fit.

    1. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter mania was a global sensation that took the world by storm. At the heart of its success was Rowling’s savvy promotional techniques and her “underground” Influence Marketing campaign to promote the books and the film series. According to the Business 2 community, Rowling didn’t reach out to journalists of mainstream dailies, bur rather she focused her attention on selectively choosing particular online fan sites to target. With every book release, and every film in the works, she communicated exclusively with her selected fan sites. She used one in particular, the Leaky Cauldron, to update her fan base about the status of her books and films and anything else happening (around what became the Harry Potter craze). The result? A successful franchise of mega-proportions. By reaching out to her fans through word of mouth, Rowlings was able to tap into a community of Harry potter lovers who were emotionally committed to the series, obsessive, and was willing to put their money where their hearts were.

    1. The X-Files.

Known as the cult classic of the 90s, this award winning, hit sci-fi TV show was a global phenomenon. WhatCulture recalls how The X-Files was the first TV show to ever tap into the power of the Internet and engage its fans. With a loyal following called the ‘X-Philes’ (in Greek, Phil means love or obsession), who took to Internet chat rooms to discuss each and every episode post-airing, it didn’t take long before The X-Files’ popularity exploded. X-Files made sure to take advantage of the online chatter by taking to chat rooms and reaching out to fans. In doing so, the writing team behind the X-Files was able to see how changes in the Mulder-Scully dynamic quickly elicited groans, or excited squeals. The X-Files writing team was able to cultivate real-time social media before its time, and cash in on it. That kind of real time connection to their fans was helpful when the creators and writers wanted to steer the show into unknown territory; they simply looked to fans for inspiration.

The show merrily led viewers into a wild goose chase, filled with government conspiracies, aliens, and paranoia; one that continued for nine years. It’s easy to see how The X-Files turned into a cult to classic, as more and more web sites cropped up, devoted to the show and its characters, including the dynamic duo we love, and more fans gathered to discuss the show. The excitement was palpable and grew. Soon, there were mugs as well as shirts and hats, paperbacks and comic books, as the show started to take a life of its own and lovers of the sci-fi hit grew desperate to form any sort of connection to the franchise, spawning a generation of the most emotionally loyal and rabid fans the world had ever seen.

It all began with a few die-hard fans chatting about the show. The ultimate word-of-mouth, organic influencer campaign. Hopefully, reading through the list helps you gain a better appreciation and understanding of influence in marketing campaigns, and of how powerful they can be when everything falls into place.