The New Icona Condo Development in Toronto

It is common to find a friend sending you a message enquiring about Toronto preconstruction condos. You may not be experienced to give the right answer; the initial question posed by such enthusiasts is always about the market situation of the housing market. Some of the things that influence people to make decisions are what they read and see. While driving to Toronto on the Gardiner Expressway you will see the marvels of’s real estate services that are spread all over.

Those people who have already invested in condos will tell you that rental prices are on the increase and the owners of such units often laugh the way to the bank. The property has a good resale value, which will see any investor who puts his money in real estate services being assured of earning a great return on their investment.

There is an unprecedented increase in the number of people investing Toronto preconstruction condos. In the last twelve months alone close 28,000 dueast condos apartments were built to completion within Toronto.

Another reason you should keep in mind is the fact that when you purchase Toronto preconstruction condos you are entering into the right market that will help you maximize on your earnings. Regardless of the size of your investment you should be sure to make a profit. If you are involved in a uphome project then it might take you close to three years to complete construction. It is advisable that you focus on long term earnings. It will pay you handsomely if you opt to hold such property for renting out.

Any prudent investor would be keen to know the future prospects of the condo market. If a friend asks about long term benefits of investment in the real estate, you should not hesitate to tell them that condos are the future of investments in Toronto. They present the surest way of earning for individuals who have invested in them.



Most professionals who prefer living near their place of work find the prices of condos flexible and affordable; most of them opt to rent or buy houses in this area. Going by statistics carried out in most markets within Canada, a high number of people prefer living downtown, in close proximity to employment, transport, entertainment and a host of many other amenities. This is why most of Toronto preconstruction condos are strategically located to tap on this.

Figures from CMHC show that the high numbers of condo units which have been developed in Toronto have attracted investors from across the globe. Rents for such units have also gone up making it an investment of choice to those with funds to invest. As a matter of fact, rent has gone up by 4.1%. It therefore means that anyone with funds to outlay should not hesitate to grace this golden opportunity.